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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tile Flooring | Tile Flooring of the Living room | Bathrooms and Kitchens

Tile Flooring Trends in 2020

Ceramic Floor tiles have been one of the major ingredients of home construction and lately its stylish versions have made it more of a home d├ęcor element that adds to the aesthetics of building and construction industry. Since a decade, variety of types of ceramic tiles has invaded the market in numerous sizes, finishes, appearance and designs.

Ceramic Floor tiles

Trends do not pop up like calendar dates. Tile flooring ideas make way slowly and steadily into the heart of designers and home owners. While we mention home owners, business constructions too can be thought of equally well. A small number of new designs out of the many that make to the market have a deeper impact and a massive appeal. These styles then form a trend that moves people towards them.

Tile Flooring of the Living room

Living rooms can be big and small.  For smaller living rooms, small sized tiles had been preferred. However, lately, new trends seek larger tiles in living rooms too. For the wealthy, this has become a style statement. In metros, even a small home can be a rich home. With minimalistic designs in appeal, larger floor tiles for living rooms are the demanded element.

Tile Flooring of the Living room

As for designs, softer colors and brighter environments are in demand compared to the darker designed tiles that were a rage in 2015s. With white and beige floor tiles becoming the flavor and marble like designs being more preferred, natural stone look alike are set to be in high demand across metros, Tier II and Tier III cities. Tile flooring that look like wood are preferred as well due to their never ending appeal.

Tiles Flooring for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Tiles Flooring for Bathrooms

Smaller spaces, smaller tiles is what we expect. Tile flooring ideas for these of sections of a home have far and wide choices. Some with a benevolent view prefer bigger tiles even if they are a few. However, most still prefer smaller tiles that have a tile flooring patterns clearly visible and impactful.

Both areas have water and other liquid material dropping on floor. This necessitates better tiles that repel water and have nil porosity. Tile Flooring Patterns are normally not preferred and plains are the accepted norm for Kitchen and Bathroom floor tiles.

Tiles Flooring for  Kitchens

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